Let’s Start Again Together… From our Garden!

After this period of suspension and distances we all want to start again. We at Viadurinimilano want to help you to do it by starting from an area of ​​the house that has always been synonymous of conviviality and union: the Garden! The beautiful days and the approaching of the summer season contribute to increase our […]

An Ancient Italian Treasure on Viadurinimilano

Today on the Viadurinimilano website you will find the exclusive objects for the table and kitchen made with the hand-printed fabrics by Marchi’s family using an ancient wooden mangle, designed by Leonardo da Vinci, fully functional since 1633 and remained the only example in the world! This is one of the secret treasures that Viadurinimilano will distribute […]

New Trends in Dog and Cats Beds

If you have a dog or cat and you have decided to give him a gift to make his moments of relaxation unique and special, read this article and discover the latest trends in apartment dog beds.  The solutions that Viadurini offers you in the catalog that you can view on our website are designed […]

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