Why Choose Linen as Fabric in your Home Textile?

Choose linen for your personal wellness

Linen, by nature hypoallergenic and antibacterial, respects the skin without irritating. Hygenic, thanks to its absorbency and rapid evaporation. Powerful thermoregulator gives unforgettable sensations. Upon contact, it releases healthy negative ions, unlike synthetic fibers. Thanks to its structure it does not retain dirt when washing.

The noble properties of linen

Antistatic, does not retain dust. Among the most resistant fibers in nature. It does not age. It does not release lint. It does not absorb bad smells. With each wash it becomes softer, keeping its structure and brightness unchanged.
Choose flax to support an ecological life.

Compared to other fibers, the flax plant consumes less nutrients from the soil, making it even more eco-sustainable. From its harvest the whole plant is used 100% for numerous uses. It is also completely recyclable and biodegradable.

Lino is synonymous with beauty

Linen is elegant and seductive. Unique and unmistakable. Always a symbol of prestige and nobility. It enchants those who have good taste and know how to stand out. Its appearance is always new and bright. Its folds give a play of light and shadow. They are the manifestation of its strong and natural character of “living” fabric.

The history of flax

Its name has Greek origin “lion” (wire). There is evidence of its use by man as early as 8000 BC with the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Phoenicians and other ancient peoples used it as ritual symbols of prestige and power. In Europe it had its maximum diffusion in the Middle Ages. The introduction of cotton has never made its charm and nobility go down to the present day, keeping its banner of superior quality natural fiber high!


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