Transforming Coffee Table: the Space-Saving and Design Product for a New Home Concept

A new concept of space and home with transforming coffee tables

Do you live in an apartment so small that you cannot afford a large and spacious dining table? Or do you have a table that you use on a daily basis, but is it too small to accommodate all your friends for dinner?

In both cases, having a traditional dining table, long and spacious, may not be the best choice in the decor of your home. Because for daily use you probably don’t need it; or use the kitchen peninsula, or you just need a small table that meets the needs of one or two people.

However, you have problems when you want to invite friends or relatives to dinner, and you face the situation that there is not much space available and your small table is insufficient to accommodate a certain number of people. How to solve this problem?

Among the different options and solutions available, Viadurinimilano Living wants to advise you to use the transformer tables.

The main advantages of this solution:

  • you can buy a small and light table for daily use and you can use the transformer table when you need additional seats in the dining room,
  • you can use the kitchen with peninsula to have lunch when you have no guests, while you transform the table when your friends arrive,
  • you have available a coffee table and a dining table in a single piece of furniture,
  • you have a multifunctional table, light and quick to move.

Transformer tables and extendable consoles for the design of spaces made in Italy

With the transformer table, the concept of home environment changes radically. In modern environments, comfort, functionality and style are the words to always keep in mind when design a furniture.

This is why we propose the new and unmissable conception of design and space-saving: the transforming coffee tables that become dining tables. They are designed to be used in any situation and, above all, with extreme ease; These tables can be lifted only with a light pressure of the hand and can be locked at any height, also becoming aperitif tables and not just the classic dining tables.
If you don’t remember how our products work or you want to see how easy and quick their use, you can visit our youtube channel or the articles on our Viadurinimilano E-Commerce, where you will find all the demonstration videos and our endurance tests.

Alternatively, we offer extendable consoles: small desks to be positioned comfortably at the entrance of the house which, if necessary, become dining tables, able to accommodate up to 20 people. Our consoles are equipped with extremely light extensions, easy to assemble even on their own and quickly.

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