The Simple Story of a Briccola Wood

Once upon a time in the Venice lagoon there was an old briccola. His life had been rich of work and of new knowing thanks to his position inside the lagoon. When it was chosen by the builders of the barriers, that signaled to the boats the navigable zone of the lagoon, it was young and the surface of his body was perfect.

The Briccola wood

Maybe you are wondering what’s a briccola, here is the answer to your doubt. The briccola is a piece of oak wood, a sort of pole, that is placed into the sea to indicate the navigable waterways to the boats. This briccola in particular was very envied by her brothers because of her particular grains that created a sinous effect on the surface of her wood.

It had been many years since for the first time she had been faced dipped in the lagoon to make the acquaintance of all the inhabitants of the sea. Now the briccola felt old and tired, a life spent in the middle of the seat had left deep signs on her body. The wood first smooth and now marked by the unique and extraordinary scrall saw of little molluscs that sculpt unique embroidery and decoration.

Those external agetns are why the briccola wood poles need to be periodically replaced. The old briccola knew that her job in the sea was about to end, she saw many friends leave to go somewhere, but she did not feel ready. She still wanted to be useful.

From the sea to the artisan workshop

Maybe her request was so sincere that was listened, when the briccola was removed from the sea, a group of artisans chose her and brought her in their laboratory. Here the wood, fascinating in the embroideries of her surface, was used to create amazing dining tables. The artisans incorporated the briccola wood into the glass, creating a crazy armony in the tables that became unique and customizable creations through the choice of the piece of briccola wood with the favorite embroidery. A simple design but with a great elegance that will make the table that you will choose to furnish your dining room or your living room an alive item full of history.

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