Outdoor Shower and Garden Shower How to Recognize the Best Made in Italy Models

Garden Showers the Reliability of Quality and the Emotion of Design

From a solid experience in the field of mechanics and metalworking, the fantastic outdoor and garden shower columns are born.
A reality that has developed solutions of great quality and elegance in the world of showers for outdoor environments and for spas.
The use of precious materials, the innovative line, the craftsmanship in the construction, make the outdoor showers a complement of high aesthetic level for refined and luxurious environments.

What are the strengths of an outdoor shower column?

  1. The made in Italy: a guarantee in the idea, in the form, in the realization.
  2. The essential and minimalist design, minimally invasive but of great elegance in any environment.
  3. The use of AISI 316L stainless steel, the most resistant and unalterable over time.
  4. The all-Italian production, made with craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail.
  5. The breadth of the range, which offers solutions and external attention.

Your shower can be made to measure!

Viadurini International Design has selected experience, professionalism and the ideal infrastructure for the creation of various tailor- made products. The use of precious materials, the study of innovative aesthetic and functional solutions, and the collaboration with reliable partners, allows the development of tailor-made solutions that are treated and guaranteed in every aesthetic and functional detail. This is possible only thanks to the company’s choice of an artisanal production, which looks with scruple and attention to every detail, to reward quality and reliability rather than quantity.

A 100% Italian production

A 100% made in Italy production does not mean having direct control of the entire production process, but also putting into play that set of fervent creativity and practical knowledge that have made Made in Italy famous in the world for design and quality.

Garden shower columns with an innovative design

High-level technical items that arise from an approach aimed at continuous innovation and from a production philosophy that aims at excellence. For this reason, design, beauty, ergonomics, emotions play a key role in these products.

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