Freestanding Bathtub – The Perfection that Gives Moments of Relax

If you decided to renew the furniture of your bathroom or if you bought a new house and it’s time to choose the furniture for the bathroom, you will have encountered to the usual crossroad: relaxing bathtub or comfortable and fast shower?

In order not to renounce to the most relaxing moment of your day granting you a warm cuddle, our advice is a bathtub, but Freestanding! If you don’t know these models keep on reading the article, we will explain you the principal advantages of the purchase of a freestanding bathtub.

What are they?

This kind of bathtub is no doubt a piece of furniture that gets all the attention, imposing itself as the absolute protagonist of the bathroom. The biggest news compared to the classic bathtub is that they do not require a wall support, so they can be placed everywhere inside the bathroom or in another room.
But let’s go discover better those bathtub. Their design is original and trendy, stand down the classic white bathtub and let the fantasy stand. Innovative materials, shapes and colours that dare to give to your house a unique italian design furniture!

The brass:

The first proposals of which we are telling you about are the bathtub realized in brass. The shape are rounded, to remind the old laundry tub, or squared. The external covering can be in brass colour or in white iron. As an artisanal product the finishes are customizable. An example are the “Annie” and “Vanessa” bathtub, elegant and refined with a modern style to give a touch of class to your house.

The cast iron:

But for now we abandon the brass in favour of the glazed cast iron in titanium and painted with your favourite colours. A classic design that recalls the past thanks to his elongated and tapered shape and to the feets also in cast iron, decorated and coloured in silver. The external tint is customizable on our website where you can find the images in blu, red, antique rose and many other colours. Different sizes available for the bathtub that will give a vintage touch to your bathroom.

But there are other reasons for choosing a freestanding cast iron bathtub. This material respect the environment, so it is perfect for those who want to buy the design without ceasing to be green. They are solid and unalterable over time and easy-care thanks to their smooth surface that does not retain the limestone, easy to clean and it is an economic solution because the cast iron keeps the temperature of the water warm.

The Solid Surface:

At the end for the last proposal we turn to those who love to dare with interior furnishing by offering you the freestanding bathtub with the most eccentric and original shapes. In this case the used material is the Solid Surface, an innovative composite material, obtained from the processing of foams covered with special resins, that is revolutionizing the world of design thanks to his versatility that allow to realize any shape you wish. It is also very solid, resistant to usury, light and easy to clean.

Two examples of freestanding bathtub realized with this material are “Ocean” which is a boat-shaped bathtub available in the white and black colour that will allow you to treat yourself with a moment of relax that will allow you to travel wherever you want only by closing your eyes. Are you ready to let you go into the waves?

The second example is “Bath Tao“, characterized by a single element that rotated and painted in different colours reproduces the tao symbol. A double bathub for those who love to share moments of relax.

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