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Viadurinimilano collaborates with the best Italian companies in the furnishing sector. Each product we propose is sophisticated and unique. We only want the best for our customers. This is why we are looking for handicraft products that are not mass produced.

Today we want to talk to you about a product made to measure for us, with a double size compared to its normal production, by the Leucos company, chosen to give an elegant and unique touch to the entrance of our company: the Acqualuce pendant lamp.

Una Nuova Luce Illumina Viadurini!

Leucos: leading company in glass lighting

Leucos is a company founded in 1962 near Venice where craftsmanship has always been art. The main material used in their collections is glass, the perfect synthesis of the local tradition that, thanks to design, soon goes beyond the boundaries. In fact, even designers recognize Leucos as an innovation laboratory. The corporate spirit is called research, experimentation, interpretation and constantly evolves. Design, materials, techniques, technologies managed by extraordinary human capital soon build the winning character of this Italian company. A landmark in the decorative glass lighting sector thanks to its ability to explore different contemporary production and creative possibilities.

Acqualuce Pendant Lamp: a meeting between art and Murano glass.

The wonderful Acqualuce chandelier pendant, chosen by us to give our company a warmth and a magical atmosphere, is characterized by sinuous shapes and is handmade by skilled craftsmen who work Murano glass. Its captivating design is inspired by the infinitesimal splashes of light and color of a fountain illuminated under the sun and has been designed and created by designer Diego Chilò.

Majestic and elegant, it has a square base with a 140cm side, from which the blown glass elements with thin ribs illuminated by LEDs gently descend. The total height of the chandelier is 220 cm. Elegant and welcoming is the light that these LEDs spread through the red and transparent glass that makes up the entire chandelier we have chosen. But remember that this lamp also lends itself to customizations in colors and sizes.

Una Nuova Luce Illumina Viadurini!

The genius behind the glass chandelier: biography of Diego Chilò

Diego Chilò was born in Thiene on December 2, 1957, attended for some years the University Institute of Architecture in Venice and since 1984 he has been involved in construction and industrial design. In 2007 his project Lapis is reported at the Innovation and Design Award at LivinLuce EnerMotive in Milan. In 2013 Acqualuce, the lamp designed for Leucos, wins the Good Design Award Lighting of the Chicago Athenaeum.

Murano glass: quality, beauty, design but also history!

The Acqualuce Chandelier was produced with a prestigious and very famous glass: Murano glass.

Artisan tradition and advanced industrial techniques, manual skills and technology, are the combination that for centuries has characterized and exalts the Italian glassmaking tradition. A luxury segment synonymous with Italian style, the art of glassmaking in Murano, Venice, is now exported all over the world but still has its fulcrum in the small Venetian island where the glassworks originated in the 8th century.

It is believed that the creation of glass objects dates back to ancient Egypt and has come down to the Romans to adorn noble houses but many centuries must pass before, thanks to Arab and Asian influences, it developed into an art proper. And this happened in Venice when, to prevent fires on land caused by the glass processing process, Murano was elected as a floating factory.

Murano is still home to artisan workshops where artists work glass for mass marketing, but also to make original and unique works, especially in imitation of precious stones.

Click here to see the fantastic lighting products made with authentic Murano glass.

Una Nuova Luce Illumina Viadurini!  Una Nuova Luce Illumina Viadurini!

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