Which Wall Clock to Choose for the Home: Classic Vintage Style, Design or Modern?

Which wall clock to choose for the home: classic vintage style, design or modern?

When you think of a wall clock, you are led to consider traditional shapes and formats or the classic circular clock with a more or less classic dial. Here, in addition to proposing the classic, we will try to offer you modern design elements or vintage reinterpretations.
With abstract shapes or shapes inspired by nature, the wall clocks made by master craftsmen are characterized by limitless creativity that finds its maximum expression in the combination of shapes and colors.

But before that let’s answer a few questions:

The choice based on the furniture: vintage or modern?

If in the past you could only count on one type of wall clock (analogue and classic circular base), now the choice is much more varied.
If the room is furnished in a “classic” style, a vintage wall clock certainly wouldn’t hurt. Create the opportunity to go back in time thanks to a design that has a past to tell. This is precisely the beauty of vintage wall clocks. If you too want to “relive the past“. If, on the other hand, the living room has furniture that is in step with the times, you certainly can’t help but count on a modern wall clock.

Such a model is immediately recognizable compared to a vintage style because it boasts brighter colors and a particular design (it can take any shape).


Wall clock clearly visible and with a varied style?

In this case the choice can fall only on the wall clocks integrated on panels or paintings. The possibilities here are endless, with the same system that you use in choosing an ornamental painting or a piece of furniture, you will certainly find the choice of a clock of this kind useful and aesthetically satisfying.

Wall clocks handmade by Italian craftsmen

Viadurinimilano offers a whole range of wall clocks made by Italian artisans. These artisans specialized in metalworking masterfully create the whole range of watches you see in our online catalog: from the creation of the structure, to the laser cutting to create the various designs and up to the painting. This is true Made in Italy. Wall clocks are certainly the most used and requested home accessories: in addition to the purely aesthetic factor, the wall clock performs a very important function: providing the exact time with a simple glance, without having to search your wrist maybe pulling your hand out of your pocket or going in search of your smartphone.

Click here to see our entire catalog of wall clocks divided by style.

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