The New Heat Trend: Heating by Electric Radiators

A new heating trend that is increasingly affirming itself in the bathrooms of Italian homes is that of using electrically powered radiators.
This method offers advantages both in terms of simplification of the systems compared to traditional systems, in fact each radiator can be programmed and regulated individually, thus managing the temperature room by room and for the time desired.

The radiators electric towel warmers prove even more useful in second homes or in areas where it’s very hot all year round and therefore the use of the heating is not continuous.

In the most recent and new homes, therefore with a high index of thermal insulation, this type of heating, thanks to the low plant cost and the absence of annual maintenance costs and especially if connected to the presence of photovoltaic solar panels – represents a very valid alternative to traditional heating systems.

The Xò by ​​Metalform furnishing radiator is a product with an elegant design, technology, functionality and energy saving that are the characteristics of this modern heating body.
Extremely versatile, the furniture radiator is available in white or chrome – pratic and easy to install and now also in the hybrid version.

Supplied in electric version with convector liquid and with 4 completion options:

  • With on / off electrical resistance
  • With adjustable digital thermostat
  • With programmable digital thermostat
  • With programmable digital thermostat and hidden current connection

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