The Magic of Washbasins in Natural Stone!

This article is thought for you that you are looking for ideas to furnish your bathroom in an innovative and creative way!
Today, in fact, we will lead you to the discovery of washbasins made of natural stone which represent much more than a beautiful functional furniture object.

The materials used in the production of home’s furniture is important, each of them has its own characteristics that make it perfect to become a washbasin rather than a shelf or a towel rail.

Raw material:

In this case, the raw material used is a natural stone.
Why it’s a very important material? In Crystal therapy, for those who don’t know, the study of the properties of crystals to harmonize and create wellness through the use of stones in contact with the body. It believed that each stones or crystal has properties that help to give wellness to the person.
So why don’t try to buy a natural stone sink that will give harmony and balance to your home? But not only, it will make your bathroom original and unique, thanks to the craftsmanship¬†these washbasin are all unique pieces customizable according to your needs!

The Jasper:

To give you some ideas and suggestions on our site you can find washbasins made with jasper, a stone belonging to the quartz family, characterized by the red color. Its properties are to give an help to reconnect with the earth and its roots and in addition to give energy and vitality. A perfect washbasin for those who love the red color and want to give a warm touch to the decoration of the bathroom.

The Lapis:

For those who prefer a more intense and deep color can choose the washbasin with lapis, a very old stone, colored blue thanks to the presence of sulphur. Since ancient times, people believed that it have the ability to improve expressive skills and stimulate creativity. Let yourself be seduced by an intense blue like the night and let your creativity fly!

The Agate and The Amethyst:

Finally, we present you the washbasins in agate and amethyst. The first one is present in many varieties and colors, very classic as white, dark brown or beige. The second, on the other hand, is characterized by an unmistakable shade of purple. Both are very old stones with the property to protect the environment where they are located.

If you are curious discover on our website the unique and precious collection of stone washbasins and let yourself be conquered by the beauty and colors that relese these unique pieces that will give your bathroom an atmosphere of ancient taste.

Click here to discover the whole collection!

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