Mirrors and Lighting for the Bathroom – Ideas and Solutions for the Ideal and Design Choice

Tips and solutions to make the bathroom a functional and design place with mirrors and the right lighting

We know very well that every person in the bathroom spends on average from a few minutes to several hours every day, the reasons can be the most varied, beard, hair, make-up, brushing your teeth or simply freshening up. All these routine actions make this environment one of the most important and intimate that your home offers; Viadurini with this article wants to give you an idea and advice on how to make your bathroom not only useful but also functional and practical.
When it comes to improving the bathroom area, one can only start from the lighting and the mirror, predominant complement of the whole area and that if used at best can provide multiple satisfactions to the surrounding environment.
For this reason the bathroom is not intended to have just any mirror, but a mirror with integrated lighting or well-positioned lighting.

For this reason we must always remember that: integrated and well positioned lights offer optimal lighting on the face

Integrated or position lights for the bathroom

A strip of LEDs or lights positioned in the upper corners of the mirror do not provide sufficient light, for example, a mirror lit only in the upper part will make you appear perpetually with dark circles due to the shadow that the lashes generate under the eyes.
The best way to observe your reflection is to have an illumination as close as possible to that of natural light, with bulbs correctly positioned so that no shadow areas are generated and a color temperature that reproduces that of the morning light.
You can even think of adding a dimmer so as to adjust the right amount of light entering from the outside according to your needs.

Other fundamental technical aspects to keep in mind in the choice of mirror with perfect lights:

  • Light diffused evenly and that remains unchanged over time
  • Lamps or LEDs that do not give off heat or overheat
  • Energy saving lamps (max 4 watt / h and 270 lumen each)
  • A lighting technology that does not require maintenance or replacement (for at least 100,000 hours of lighting)

Mirrors with wall lights, back lighting or illuminated edges: which is the best solution?

Large Bathrooms: large bathrooms are able to accommodate different furnishing solutions and on the American model it is now common to have a double sink. In this case, you can opt for a large rectangular mirror that embraces both sides or single mirrors with the most varied shapes. Square, round and even oval mirrors are in vogue in interior design, and on this aspect you can feel free to adapt the shape to the style that best suits your master bathroom.

Small Bathrooms: small or small bathrooms can instead take great advantage of a mirror with lights, even backlit, which creates atmosphere and makes the environment larger, especially with a solution developed vertically with side lights.


Framed mirrors in the bathroom

The framed mirror  lends itself perfectly to vintage environments, wooden furnishings and even the most modern interior designs, depending on the type of frame chosen.
A frame can even house the lighting system inside, with aluminum profiles with the most varied textures.

The most minimal, versatile and modern are certainly those without a frame and with  backlighting: they adapt to any style.

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