How You Can Create a Perfect Living Room? The Word to the Interior Designer Luca Riccardo

Personal taste and fashion are factors that must be linked to create personal and trendy spaces. Equally important is to take into consideration the space available, the furnishings we have, the style of the house, the colors … and the budget! In any case, our goal is to exploit the spaces and furnish environments that are welcoming.

But how can we furnish our spaces without forgetting anything and create harmony between all environments?

We asked the interior designer Luca Riccardo.

What do you specialize in?

In interior design of private homes. My main job is interior design at 360 °: choice of materials, colors, arrangement of furnishings and spaces, in short, everything related to the interior of the house. I study the environment and develop a project from all points of view using the technology of 3D rendering drawings. Thanks to the fact that we now use the internet every day, for some years now I have also proposed working remotely online throughout Italy with excellent results. For the works in my area, on the other hand, I also follow the realization in case the customer wants it.

Where to start to renew the look of your spaces?

First you need to get a lot of information, on the internet, with magazines or otherwise to get an idea of ​​what you would like. In my opinion, personal taste comes first, fashion or the ideas of others should certainly not be neglected, they are good as advice. For this reason, to renovate spaces it is important to make a project to study the environments as a whole, to create a connection between the environments themselves and have a general vision of what you want to do, and usually to do this we rely on a professional, who is also able to advise.

What is the current trend for the choice of fabrics? Velvet or Tartan?

For me, the trend of the moment in terms of fabrics is not fundamental, but what most like and what those who have to live in the house feel most their own. The market offers many types of fabrics, certainly velvet played an important part this year.

How to transform the environment with the use of equipped walls? How to make them functional and fascinating?

It is certainly important to understand the needs of those who have to live in the house in terms of functionality, you can create an equipped wall with a large bookcase, or give more importance to the part of the containers, or perhaps a minimal style. You can make everything more fascinating by playing in the background (a particular wall color, wallpaper, or other) and perhaps by integrating some lights.

Which piece of furniture would you never give up?

I would never give up a carpet in the living room, it furnishes a lot and warms the environment. I see that you have all kinds of them in your e-commerce; modern, classic, retro and vintage carpets. For the same reason, in the same environment, even a floor lamp if there is the possibility.

Where does your online interior design work come from?

It was born from the desire to offer a professional service that in the collective ideal is only for a few to all (as the name of the site says “Decorator for all”), thanks to the low costs due to the fact that working online I do not have to pay large management costs but only my time, without underestimating the comfort of the client who does everything while sitting comfortably on the sofa at home.

Does this type of remote service work?

Years later I have to say yes, of course my work stops at the project and advice, the client then has to put his own effort into achieving everything, but thanks to a targeted project he already knows how to move with precise ideas and without waste of time.

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