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The main types of glasses: each drink has its own glass

In daily use we usually use the same glasses, but it is good to know that the types of glasses are really many and differ according to the use made of them. Generally the glasses are transparent and colorless and only the water glass can also be colored.

Tumblers are stemless glasses with a wide mouth and are used for water, for drinks in general for many types of cocktails. The low tumbler (also called old fashioned) is used for water and coctkail and in general for all high alcoholic cocktails served with ice.

The medium tumbler is suitable for liqueurs or spirits served without ice. The tall tumbler is used for long drinks and fruit cocktails since its capacity allows the fruit to remain immersed in the liqueur.

Goblet glasses are the most suitable for wine since by preventing hand contact with the cup, they prevent the heat from modifying its aroma and temperature. Furthermore, keep in mind that the shape and size of the glass allow to enhance the personality of the various types of wine and to better understand their qualities and nuances.

Wine glasses – but this is a rule that applies to all glasses – should never be filled completely, in order to fully appreciate the content.

Enjoying a good whiskey at the end of the day is a luxury that we should all be able to afford. That moment of peace, while enjoying our favorite drink, is one of the best moments of the day. If you want to enjoy this drink properly, you have to do it in a good whiskey glass that guarantees its taste.

There are many models of whiskey glasses, usually most are low and wide. While many may share a similar design, there are actually big differences between them. Some are made of crystal and others of glass, some are taller.

3 things about whysky glasses to keep in mind:

  • Whiskey, like wine, is a living drink that is affected by the container. A good whiskey glass will give our drink a better flavor. It also keeps all its nuances intact and allows you to oxygenate it more easily.
  • Whiskey glasses have a similar shape, all should have a wide, low design. Many are made of crystal, but you can also find them of glass.
  • These models are tulip-shaped, with a narrower mouth and a domed center. These glasses retain the aromas, which enhances the flavor of the liqueur and allows you to appreciate all the nuances of the wood.

Crystal in glasses an exceptional and ecological solution: all Italian!

Now that you know of the existence of all these types of glasses we want to introduce you to the material instead, because of all the materials, the made in Italy crystal that Viadurini offers is the best on the market: products of the best Italian artisan companies therefore the real made in Italy!

The unique characteristics of LUXION® eco-crystal  glass , which is transparent, colorless, maintains the temperature and flavor of service, allowing you to savor wines and other beverages by exhibiting their sensory profile for optimal analysis. Leader in the art of cocktails with infinite creative suggestions for bars and mixology: the cocktails of the future are inspired by tradition thanks to the Viadurini collections.

From the combination of brilliance, transparency and colorless that makes Eco-crystal LUXION® glass the ideal material for the home and professional hospitality sector, to a traditional and elegant taste.

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