How to Choose the Mirror Suitable for Your Home between Modern and Baroque Design

The Mirror and its 2 Functions: Light and Space

Choosing the right mirror for your home environment is very important. A mirror is a piece of furniture with a decorative-ornamental function with enormous importance and value with a dual function:

  • Function 1 – Improve the quality of light.
  • Function 2 –  If correctly positioned influences the perception of space, widening the spaces due to an optical effect.

Viadurinimilano Design expert in furnishing and recommending any type of improvement in order to exploit the full potential of the house, suggests to increase the brightness of the room placing the mirror in front of the window or in any case the main source of natural light.
Secondly, to positively affect the spatial perception of the same, the mirror must be placed on the longest wall of the room, creating an optical effect of dilating the space.



Which mirror to buy?

From our experience there are 2 categories of style for the purchase of the mirror that best suit each environment making each place unique and inimitable.

  • Design mirrors
  • Baroque style mirrors

Ideal for all environments and considered prestigious and sophisticated furnishings that will certainly not go unnoticed in the eyes of relatives and friends.
Design and style Baroque mirrors
With the baroque Viadurini Design reveals all the splendor and magnificence of the past centuries that are reinterpreted and made of an extremely modern. You will relive the refinement and vibrant style of the XVII century.

The Baroque does not it has never been so current and so deliciously sparkling. This style embellishes the interior with warm colors, trendy fabrics, sumptuous baroque details, magnificent marble and natural stones.

The charm and magnetism of the past, but also the rigor, precision and harmony. The touch of Italian style that will make unique the decoration of your home.

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