How to Choose the Log Holder to Match the Fireplace or Stove at Home

How to choose the ideal log holder for the fireplace in your home

In this article you will find a practical and functional guide on how to choose the best indoor log holder for your needs in complete autonomy.
Today on the market there are many and increasingly sophisticated domestic heating systems, there is only the embarrassment of choice, but the traditional and ancient fire remains irreplaceable, a flame that burns, with its bright color and very pleasant warmth, remains a luxury for many people, which you cannot give up, and if you have a modern fireplace with a new or vintage design, you can only choose a wood holder that matches that … but which one to choose?

The indoor log holder carries out the task of keeping the wood that must then be lit in order and within reach, certainly a useful piece of furniture but it can also be beautiful as well as functional. More and more diversified and variegated in shapes, indoor log holders are today real furnishing accessories, indispensable and beautiful to see and show. For your home, therefore, do not be satisfied with just any wood holder, but choose one that you like very much and that can make the environment in which you live more beautiful and harmonious.


Wood holder material

A very common material that does not know sunset is wrought iron , a log holder made with this material is objectively beautiful to look at, but also resistant , because it is not scratched by bumps and falls. Wrought iron can be worked and forged in an infinite number of different ways. Also, unlike wicker and clothes, iron is not afraid of being sprinkled with fire, so it can be safely left next to it. Fabric log holders are practical and modern , they are quite durable fabrics, which can be for the vati. Also in this case there are many variations, colored or not colored, in the shape of a basket or shopping bag or in original forges, it is a frame suitable for a harmonious and, on the contrary, ancient environment.
If you appreciate simplicity and naturalness, you can opt for wicker and woven wood.
These indoor log holders come in a variety of shapes, but are often made as classic baskets, which is obviously a traditional choice, but still impressive and much appreciated.
Furthermore, these wooden supports, also natural in light and minimal colors, have the advantage of adapting to any type of environment and furniture, which they will notice, but with respect.

Dimensions of the log holder

Another aspect to consider carefully when choosing a log holder is its size and its capacity, both of which depend on how the fireplace or stove is usually used.
If a fireplace or stove is in fact unavoidable on long winter days, the amount of wood you always have available is greater, so choose a log holder large enough not to have to fill it constantly. If, on the other hand, the fire rarely keeps you company, for example only in the evening or on certain days, you will need less wood, so a small log holder may suffice, even better if the environment is small enough and you intend not to fill it with objects that they could enter much farther.
For convenience, reconsider having a log holder equipped with handles, which is an accessory that definitely facilitates transport.

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