How to Choose the Dinnerware, Glassware and Flatware for your Table? Ceramic or Porcelain?

The look is connected to the way it tastes: Design Tableware

Choose the color scheme according to your needs and the decor of the room. You can base your choice on the style you have given to your kitchen/restaurant. According to the “classic taste” the most elegant dishes are those with a minimalist design, preferably white. All-white dinnerware are always very popular because you can put them in the dishwasher, they don’t fade, they combine with most equipment, they make food stand out and never go out of style. However, there have been an increasing number of dishes with bright, colorful, cheerful decorations, succeeding in reviving the table and the kitchen environment.

Dinnerware size and quantity:

If you want to use very large plates, measure the space inside the wall units and the dishwasher; for example, a 30 cm plate many times does not fit into a normal 30 cm cabinet. In addition, some people believe that large crockery leads to overeating, while others think that empty space is very elegant.

Consider what you need. For each cover you need: 2-3 plates, 2 cups, a small bowl with lid, 1 dessert plate and 1 tea/coffee service. They don’t all need to be paired together, you can take advantage of them to express your creativity and choose very flashy shapes, colors and textures.

How to choose a Dinnerware: Ceramic or Porcelain?

When we go to buy a dinnerware, as well as the occasions for which they will be used (work, home and special occasions) and design, a fundamental thing to which we must pay attention is the material .
The dishes on the market are made of different materials, but mainly the choice falls on two of them:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain

Ceramic is a cheap material and therefore objects made of this material generally cost less. The dinnerware made in this material are modest, for everyday use.
Porcelain, unlike ceramic, is a very valuable material. Related to common ceramics, it has replaced it in almost everything in the world of cooking and catering.
This is because porcelain plates have superior resistance to aging and greater hardness and durability than normal ceramic plates. Finally, they present points of superior light and a clearly brighter white color.

Now you are ready to purchase the ideal service for you and your needs. We advise you to view these 4 categories chosen by us to find the best made in Italy tableware.

1 – Dinenrware
2 – Glassware
3 – Flatware
4 – Tea and Coffee Set

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