How to Choose a Painting or a Piece of Furniture to Furnish your Home

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“A house is not a question of bricks, but of love. Even a basement can be wonderful ”writes a French poet.

True, the home is the expression of ourselves and our family. We must therefore have all the right tools to transform it into the mirror of our essence. How to do it? One way is to pay absolute attention to detail. A detail not to be overlooked can be the painting.
The painting is art. Culture. Lines, colors and chromatic touches communicate a message, a story but also emotions.

So, once you have considered the environment, the colors, the subject, you can really have fun in the vast choice of our furnishing accessory.

If you love sculpture and you are a dynamic person, you have an international business and you need to check the timetables in multiple continents there are many proposals 
You can choose between a hand-decorated made in Italy globe, but also a clock that has times of several countries.

For example, the “Minuti Seconds” by Viadurinimilano Decor with the timetable in our home, New York, Moscow, London. Composite ceramic, hand-decorated with silver leaf, coffee ground on rigid structure, glossy finish.
If you like to travel and have a romantic and dreamy soul, you can choose from the models of floral design watches combined with original hangers 

An example could be the “Petunia” painting by Viadurinimilano Decor with hand-decorated double L structure, with resin details on the material and central element in relief and glossy finish.

Combined with the picture, the romantic “Appendirosa” coat hanger is perfect in a black lacquered shaped structure with three chromed roses in relief, five black knobs and glossy finish. Very suitable can be canvas prints, perhaps of each city visited .. or next destinations.

If you are a fashionable, design and trendy soul, you need a beautiful wall mirror where the elegance of the design meets the refinement of the materials. 
Example “Diamante mirror” with shaped coffee lacquered structure, decorated with glitter, with horizontal or vertical posting and glossy finish by Viadurinimilano Decor.

If you are a lover of greenery and nature you can choose between mirrors with structures in the shape of butterflies or floral landscapes.
An example is the Melitea model by Viadurinimilano Decor with an intense brown shaped structure and chromed knobs. Or, you can choose from the many floral landscapes, where you can create a custom canvas print of any landscape or subject, in the size you want. 


If you have an important home or you need to furnish a meeting room, you need a sculpture – an effective piece of furniture. 

The elegant Circles or Molecole model by Viadurini decor with a hand-decorated perforated structure and embossed leaves is recommended. 

If you are an art lover and your home has a classic style with wooden furniture and dark tones, it would be perfect to furnish the room with an important and special fresco on the wall or the reproduction, in the size you want, of a of the well-known works of the great masters of the past.

For those who want to admire the painting or fresco by their favorite artist without limits of time and space .. they can certainly appreciate the uniqueness and originality of the Tifernate Artisan Workshop.
A company that works for the most important museums in the world and Italy, including the Vatican Museums.
Classified as “Italian Excellence” for its precision and competence in the reproduction of “any painting with scientific methodology, through the use of materials and recipes used for the original, be it from the Roman period or the 1900s, with the ability to replicate the exact aesthetic quality and guarantee identical durability over time.”

If you like art but have a modern home with light tones and clean lines you need color. You can thus insert a modern art painting or a particular clock inspired for example by the surrealist art of Salvador Dalì.

So, if you have always wanted to steal a very romantic Monet, Degas dancers, Klimt’s Kiss or a Van Gogh work .. and see it in its exact colors, in a small picture suitable to embellish your niche, in its real size. , or a huge blow-up made directly on the walls of your home, or your business, now you can do it.

A gem also, are models of mirrors and wall clocks inspired by the surrealism of Salvador Dalì, where the contrast between soft and hard forms is a reason for reflection. Soft clocks or persistence of memory, it is from this painting that the models of Antartidee are inspired. You can buy with Viadurini – an ecommerce company – and find the solution you prefer with shipping all over the world.

Here, you just have to choose what you like best and finally complete the environment of your apartment. One last tip from the experts ?! Don’t forget to use your imagination …

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