Discover the 4 Innovative Materials for Your Bathroom Furniture – Create Your Composition

The Viadurinimilano Bathroom offers the elegant and functional design of the furniture compositions that will transform your bathroom environment into a space dedicated to comfort, care and regeneration.

We want you to dwell on one of the greatest values ​​of our products: the unique quality of the materials.
Our Italian master craftsmen have discovered new methods to provide you with only the best for your homes.
The precious materials and refined solutions will enhance domestic settings, accentuating their functionality and sensorial pleasure. Moving between rigorous geometric shapes and a much more original space management, the brand new lines will always design an orderly environmentwhere to take care of yourself.

Let’s take a closer look at the materials used in our compositions:


This material is at the forefront in terms of resistance and versatility, melamine can imitate the characteristics of other materials, such as wood and laminate, while maintaining its remarkable technical characteristics. Available in a wide range of chrome and textures, it can be easily adapted to any style of the house.

melamine composition


This amazing lacquering with UV technology is made on an acrylic base for high stability over time in terms of surface and color.
The glossy surface finish allows to reach high characteristics of resistance to scratches and wear combined with excellent ease of cleaning, and less yellowing over time. Virtually everything you need for perfect durability.

lacquer composition


A new material on the market of which we have the exclusive, innovative, super opaque and soft touc h, created for interior design. It combines refined aesthetic solutions with cutting-edge technological performance. The external part of FENIX is obtained with the help of nanotechnologies and is characterized by a surface treated with new generation acrylic resins, which endow this new material with extraordinary properties, opening a new path in the world of interior design.



The laminate is internally made up of layers of cellulosic fibers impregnating with phenolic resins and superficially one or more layers of cellulosic fibers with aesthetic function, impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together by a high pressure process. Stratified HPL is an excellent quality material for its functional and aesthetic potential. Its characteristics of wear resistance, hygiene, make it the ideal material for the realization of furnishing systems. Also ideal for all applications where it is necessary to combine resistance and design, the HPL Stratified, available in various types, is the most reliable material and the richest in aesthetic features also for the creation of contemporary design accessories.


Click here to find out all the bathroom compositions that have these particular materials in their composition.

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