Decorative Radiators – Customizable Design in an Essential Element

Personalize your radiator with digital prints and choose only the best of Italian design

The radiators proposed here have an incredible aesthetic advantage! Imagine being able to customize your heated towel rail as you prefer from a vast choice of images, digital and graphic prints, you can finally decide the style of your spaces and what touch of design to give to the environment.

The radiator can be used as a main heating system or as an additional element. It increases the comfort of new constructions or renovated buildings and also represents the optimal solution for places that are not constantly occupied and that need to be heated quickly. Find application:

  • residential: any type of home, verandas, bathrooms
  • in non-residential settings: medical offices, physiotherapy offices, hospital rooms, waiting rooms, schools, restaurants, bathrooms
  • in combination with a photovoltaic system, it achieves the objective of zero consumption and emissions.

How are radiators made?

They are part of a line of electrically powered glass panels and infrared radiation. They are the solution with a high aesthetic impact in order to guarantee a perfect combination of efficiency and elegance. They consist of two glass sheets layered together, one of which has a surface that can be electrically stimulated. By applying electrical voltage, the surface deposit of the glass transforms the energy into heat which is emitted in the form of long wave infrared rays.

Practical and not only aesthetic advantages!

The product is supplied with floor fixing brackets, an innovative and original solution that allows you to make the most of the decorative potential of the radiator.
They are mostly available in 3 different sizes and powers.
It can be completed with the chromed towel rail  or with the  wireless thermostat

We list the advantages:

  • easily integrated into any environment
  • design element
  • numerous colors available
  • possibility of customization
  • silent
  • easy to install
  • small footprint
  • easy to clean
  • requires no maintenance
  • does not require bureaucratic permits
  • sweet and pleasant warmth
  • eliminates / reduces mold
  • better air and life quality
  • quick and efficient heating system
  • 100% thermal yield
  • radiant heat: approx. 70% by radiation and approx. 30% by convection

Italian production and manufacturer – Seriousness and High Quality

All the products belonging to this collection are made in  Italy. Glass products undergo a thermal tempering process in accordance with UNI EN 12150 which makes them 5 times more resistant than traditional annealed glass. In the event of breakage, the tempered glass fragments into small pieces which limits the risk of injury and cuts.
The company’s mission is guided by the awareness of the superior quality of its technology and its products, with the aim of developing and producing heated windows and infrared glass radiant panels for harmonious and stylish environments. The ambition is to revolutionize the concept of heating: glass, an already precious material, now becomes a heating element and therefore an active part of a building. 

It wants to be the answer to every need for thermal well-being and energy saving, continuously innovating its products through practical and design solutions.
With artisan care, the company wants to offer a product of high technological and quality level, extremely valid and competitive, with total respect for the environment and its sustainability, doing justice to the innate elegance of glass in all its facets.

Safety and Guarantee are our Strengths

Power failure in case of breakage.
No risk of injury thanks to the use of laminated glass.
No risk of burns in case of contact.
The radiant panels are covered by a 2 year warranty.

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