Chairs in Polypropylene: the Main Reasons to Choose this Plastic Material

polypropylene chairs

Polypropylene chairs: why choose this material for the seats?

In recent years, polypropylene chairs have gained an increasingly central place as a furnishing element inside homes, being increasingly introduced as outdoor and indoor furniture, given their durability and resistance,

before continuing with why choose a chair in this material, it is better to explain what polypropylene is specifically.

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene was discovered by the experiments of the Italian engineer Giulio Natta and the German chemist Karl Ziegler, for which they won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963.

Polypropylene (PP) is a synthetic plastic material, which is obtained from petroleum fractions.

As far as the furniture section is concerned, in particular it is the great protagonist of chairs and tables, because one of its characteristics is that of having a low absorption coefficient. Consequently, it does not soak up the sweat of the skin.

Polypropylene is a lightweight, odorless, non-toxic and very durable material.

Thanks to processing technologies, polypropylene allows you to create comfortable, creative seats, capable of adapting to different types of design and style with any type of furniture. The combination of a classic style table, in marble or wood, with polypropylene chairs, able to soften, break the mold and give color and freshness to the environment, is an ideal match for absolutely in step with today’s style¬†which increasingly favors combinations of materials and styles that are close but different, making harmonious what could not be before…. elegance and modernity.

The merits and strengths of polypropylene chairs

  • resistance to dirt and bacteria, much higher than other types of plastic material;
  • durability and low maintenance: suitable for daily use and long periods but especially in the presence of children;
  • flexibility, which is why they are extremely comfortable;
  • easy to clean, it can be easily cleaned and disinfected with denatured alcohol and ammonia: without these affecting the color or altering the object in any way;
  • recyclability, being a plastic material it can be easily disposed of and recovered; making it highly ecological.
  • lightness, easily movable being a plastic material, they are easily movable in different areas of the house with simplicity.

This list already makes clear the main reasons to choose chairs with this specific plastic material, they are only for a factor of technical characteristics and merits of the material, but also because this specifically can be worked and modeled much more easily than other types of materials such as wood and metal and fabrics, making it possible to create authentic chairs with a unique design and style.

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