Bioethanol Fireplaces for Heating with Design and Simplicity

Bioethanol fireplaces to heat with design and simplicity

You do not have a chimney, nor the permits to build a new one: don’t give up on the dream of the fireplace! Among the solutions we can offer you, the bio-fireplace is the most practical: thanks to a simple and quick installation, without doing brickwork you can also welcome a fireplace in your home.
Viadurinimilano Fire Design you will find different models of bioethanol fireplaces, to be built into the wall and others to hang, just as if they were works of art: even if you have a small house, every space can be the right one for your bio fireplace.

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What is bioethanol?

As the name suggests, bioethanol fireplaces are powered by bioethanol.
Bioethanol is an alcohol extracted from the fermentation of biomass, or foods with a high concentration of sugars, such as cereals, sugar cane, sugar crops, starchy and pomace.
In simple terms, it is an organic fuel, with multiple uses, including that to feed bioethanol fireplaces, which exploit its heating power.
The major advantage of bioethanol is that its combustion does not produce toxic fumes, only water vapor and heat.

How much heat does a bioethanol fireplace produce?

Bioethanol fireplaces do not produce a lot of heat, the fuel has a lower calorific value than others, such as petrol, but it can be used without problems to heat a room of 20-30 square meters.
It must be emphasized, however, that unlike a wood-burning fireplace, the bioethanol fireplace does not disperse heat through the flue, this means that the product remains inside the environment in which the device is inserted.

How do bioethanol fireplaces work?

We have already explained that bioethanol fireplaces are powered using bioethanol as fuel.
This fuel must be placed inside a tank, which almost always contains a porous stone.
This stone has a dual function :

  • Being porous, it absorbs bioethanol ;
  • It creates a sort of obstacle between the flame and the tank containing the liquid, preventing them from coming into contact.

The fireplace, therefore, works by burning bioethanol, which will produce heat to be diffused inside the environment.

Main advantages of bioethanol fireplaces

Bioethanol fireplaces have numerous advantages, both from an aesthetic and practical / economic point of view.
Here are the main benefits that deserve to be listed:

  • 1: it does not smoke
    Bioethanol is an alcohol derived from the fermentation of vegetable waste. Its combustion does not produce fumes but only carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat. Just like a person who breathes! Biofireplaces are absolutely not dangerous or polluting.
  • 2: does not need a flue
    Thanks to this type of fireplace you can enjoy the warmth and elegance of the flames without having to carry out complex masonry works.
    For flue-less fireplaces you DO NOT need to obtain any type of permit or have to do any paperwork.
    Just remember that the room must be ventilated (there is a flame that burns oxygen).
  • 3: it does not need maintenance
    Viadurini Fire Design bioethanol fireplaces do not require any maintenance because they do not produce ash. The only cost of ownership is fuel, so you won’t have to worry about remembering maintenance every year
  • 4: you can place it wherever you want
    The bioethanol fireplace is a decorative recessed, wall or countertop product, which you can place wherever you like.
  • 5: it does not smell
    Contrary to what is said, a bioethanol fireplace equipped with a high quality burner with refractory stone in the tank using a qualitatively good fuel, does not emit any bad odors.
  • 6: they are very easy to
    use.Just carefully pour the right amount of combustible liquid into the burner and you’re done. You don’t waste time hauling fuel, lighting and cleaning it.

Practical and design log holders

If in addition to your bio-fireplace you also have a standard fireplace and you don’t know how to manage the wood space, here is our selection of the best and practical log holders with an Italian and practical design.
Ideal for any environment and use.

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