Benefits of Lift and Relax Armchairs – How to Choose the Right Model

Relax armchair seat dimensions

The most important consideration to pay attention to is choosing a relaxation armchair that is the right size for the person concerned, this is the key factor for the true comfort of the armchair.

What is meant by the dimensions of the relaxation armchair? 

We refer to the dimension of the depth and height of the seat, let’s see why:

Imagine being seated on any relax armchair, the fundamental rule is that the lumbar area of ​​the backrest is perfectly supported by the backrest without leaving empty spaces between the parts, thus assuming a correct posture of the back.


  • Good lumbar support
  • Lower back pain relief
  • Correct cervical posture
  • Correct position of the hips
  • Good grip of the whole back on the backrest

On the contrary, if there was a void between the parts, what would surely be created would be a bad posture of the lumbar area, giving rise or increasing the problems for which the use of a relaxation armchair has been questioned , and this is given by sitting too deep for the size of the person’s legs.

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Bad posture of the hips
  • Upholstered armchair with cushions or other remedies

The height of the seat also plays a very important role, in fact a correct height will allow you to correctly place your feet on the ground.


  • Good blood circulation in the legs.
  • Better lymphatic system
  • Enjoy better leg health.

On the contrary, sitting too high will not allow you to put your feet on the ground, and what will be created will be a crushing of the veins below the knee.


  • Tingling in the feet
  • Lowering of the temperature of the feet
  • Loss of perception of the legs
  • Numbness in the legs.

Relaxation functions and movements: lifting people, chair with one or two motors?

The second point in choosing a relaxation chair are the functions and movements, which with their movement, gentle and silent, accompany us in our daily actions, difficult or not.

At first glance, a person who is not familiar with these pieces of furniture is in trouble because he cannot tell the difference and believes that perhaps it is just a question of power, but that in reality the main difference between one or two engines, and in the possibility of adjusting the backrest completely independently from the footrest.

Relax armchairs with one motor, have the classic synchronized movement, which first activates the footrest bringing it to a horizontal position, then reclines the backrest, naturally there is a person lifting system.

When the body is weightless, it naturally assumes a position in which the natural curve of the spine is respected and the legs are slightly raised above the heart: this is the so-called zero gravity position, the highly celebrated position recommended by doctors. professionals who guarantee total and optimal relaxation for the whole body!

Modern armchairs for the elderly are comfortable, technological but you know, they also weigh a lot.Moving them around the house, perhaps from the bedroom to the living room, to be able to watch TV or be in the company of family members, can become a very difficult task. To meet these needs, manufacturers often propose two solutions. The first is to mount two wheels in the back, so you can move the chair simply by tilting it. Usually this mechanism cannot support the weight of a person and therefore the chair has to move by itself. If, on the other hand, we want to use the elderly chair as a means of domestic transport, for example instead of a wheelchair, then we must opt ​​for what is usually called a wheeled system, or automobile.composed of four wheels that are lowered by operating a handle and support the user’s weight.

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