Garden or Outdoor Chairs: A 3 Criteria Guide on How to Choose It

The garden chairs are, together with the tables, essential furnishing accessories for those who want to decorate their garden and make sure that we have a particular style and an extra touch of class. Depending on the use you want to make of it, you will have the possibility to choose between different types of chairs. They differ in design, but also in shape, size and degree of comfort.
Chairs are an accessory that cannot be missing in a garden or on a terrace, especially close to summer. The outdoor chairs can be used for outdoor dining, relaxing or even sleeping.

Being a furnishing accessory, style and design are important and can make the difference; whether you buy a single chair or a garden set, it is good to choose a comfortable but practical and weatherproof model. Many outdoor garden chairs can be easily moved or stacked to save space.

It is therefore good to also pay attention to the material you choose. Garden chairs are outdoor accessories subject to sun, rain and various temperature changes, which are not always easy to take care of. The necessary maintenance, therefore, is an aspect that cannot be overlooked.

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The 3 criteria for choosing a garden chair

First criterion: comfort and style

Choose a model with a seat width and depth suited to your physical conformation. The material also plays an important role. If the textilene models are more comfortable, the other materials offer the possibility of customization with seat cushions or cushion with backrest. An option for more comfort are armrests, which stackable garden chairs are often equipped with.

Aesthetics and style of garden chairs they can be chosen in combination but also in contrast with those of the garden table, for an unusual and out of the ordinary effect. From the natural shade of wood to the chic design of woven resin, passing through the vintage of wrought iron or the refined modernity of steel and aluminum… The range of materials is as vast as the colors available.
Last but not least, the space available affects the final choice. The stackable chairs are, in this sense, ideal for saving space.

Second criterion: Material

You can choose from many materials depending on the style of your garden furniture, but also on the price and maintenance needs.

Garden chair in wood

The wooden garden chair fascinates with its natural style and resistance. You can choose between different European essences (pine, acacia, oak, etc.), or exotic wood (teak, itauba, cumaru, etc.).
The composite wood garden chairs are made with wood fibers and plastic material, a mix that makes them rot-proof without the risk of chipping or cracks. They do not require any particular maintenance.

Steel garden chairs

Steel garden chairs have a decidedly modern look.
Stainless steel is  not afraid of water or ultraviolet rays.

Aluminum garden chairs

Also modern in style, the aluminum garden chairs stand out for their  resistance to bad weather (rain, frost, heat) and corrosion. They are light and therefore very practical to move, but can easily be overturned by a strong wind.

Wrought iron garden chairs

They are the bucolic and romantic  chairs par excellence. Particularly solid.

Resin garden chairs

Thanks to the plastic material (polypropylene, polyethylene) with which they are made, the resin garden chairs are light, rot-proof and resistant to bad weather. They are  very economical , especially in the injected resin version.
The woven resin, also called polyrattan or synthetic rattan, reproduces in a pleasant way the weaving of rattan.

Textilene garden chairs

Textilene is a fabric composed of a weave of polyester fibers, very resistant to bad weather and UV rays. With a frame in wood, steel or aluminum , the chair with seat and back in textilene is particularly comfortable. Another plus: soap and water will suffice for cleaning.

Third criterion: Dimensions

Seat depth and width

A garden chair with a deep and wide seat offers greater comfort than a smaller model, but is also more bulky.
However, it is useless to choose a chair that is too deep for the body because it would risk being uncomfortable.

Seat height

The seat height is the distance that separates the seat from the ground and must be adequate for the height of the table to which it will then be combined.
For example, for a tall cocktail table, the height should be 75 cm, compared to 46 cm for a classic garden chair.

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