4 Useful Steps and Tips for Teak Wood Maintenance

For those who love style and design furnitures, it cannot fail to take into account teak wood, which is perfect for gardens or indoor / outdoor areas.
But how is this particular type of wood treated? Read the article to find out.

Teak wood is an exotic noble wood, coming mostly from Indonesia: here there are intense cultivations of Teak and, thanks to the particular climatic environment, this special shrub has perfect characteristics to take place in your garden:

  1. Resistant and solid
  2. Flexible and suitable for long processing.

The result is a material that lasts over time, which does not undergo heavy deformations or discoloration, always keeping in mind 4 fundamental points so as not to neglect its protection.

Wood resin and mold

Furthermore, Teak wood produces a resin necessary for its vital functions, which in this particular species becomes a precious plus even after its processing.

This naturally created resin acts as a protective layer for Teak, protecting it from bacteria and water infiltration, which in the long run could lead to the production of annoying molds.

In this way, Teak wood becomes waterproof, but at the same time it continues to be a living wood because the resin nourishes its fibers, maintaining a bright color over the years, in shades ranging from brown to amber, and from gold towards darker shades.

Here’s what to do if your garden furniture is in Teak wood:

  1. Delicate but constant cleaning
  2. Dry wood
  3. Charging only in case of need
  4. Use specific products to extend the life of your Teak wood

Let’s take a closer look at these points to help you better care for your wood.

1 – First Point: Gentle and constant cleaning

4 Utili Passi e Consigli per la Manutenzione del Legno Teak
First of all, you have to make sure that the furniture in the garden is always clean, since – being exposed to the open air – dust and dirt accumulate on chairs, tables, chairs and so on.

If you do not clean your furniture regularly, the dirt may soon dry out and create incrustations that will be very difficult to remove.

To avoid too invasive interventions on your Teak wood furniture, it is necessary to provide yourself with a clean soft cloth dampened with warm water, repeating it several times on the furniture in order to remove dust and dirt.

2 – Second Point: Keep the wood dry

After cleaning it is advisable to let the Teak wood furniture dry to perfection: remember that wood is a material that tends to absorb moisture, and that the latter is responsible for the formation of mold.

Consequently, if it is the end-of-season cleaning, before putting the garden furniture in a safe and sheltered place, make sure it is dry, leaving it to dry in the open air for a few days.

Very wet places not recommended for storing your teak wood furniture.

3 – Third Point: Charging the wood

Sometimes it may be necessary to have a little more in-depth maintenance than simply cleaning the garden furniture, especially in those cases where the surface of the wood begins to show some skin.

In addition to ruining the clean aesthetics of Teak, these formations express the need for a dedicated maintenance treatment just like a light sand down.

Once the most superficial part of the wood has dried, it is natural to see slight cracks, which can be avoided with two simple steps:

  1. With a light sand down
  2. With the drafting of protective oils

To sand the wood of the garden furniture, opt for a very fine paper, so that your action is very delicate and helps to remove only the outermost part of the ruined wood.

4 – Fourth Point: Use specific products such as oils

4 Utili Passi e Consigli per la Manutenzione del Legno Teak
Subsequently, it is necessary to evaluate a protective oil for hard woods such as Teak. At least a couple of times a year, ie at the beginning and end of the season, it is advisable to apply a few coats of protective oil, which is able not only to protect the wood from the weather or the sun, but also to give the wood a bright color .

It is a protection that keeps water away from the wood fibers, thus avoiding mold and bacteria, and helping the natural protection of the wood.

Spreading the oil in a regular way also helps to prevent sand down, because the wood will be repaired by a protective layer that prevents dirt from taking root.

Here are 4 convenient and essential steps to be able to keep your teak wood furniture as new.

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