4 Useful Advices on How to Choose the Best Kitchen Chairs – Guide

Choosing the best chairs for the kitchen has never been easier

When you are looking for a piece of furniture such as the kitchen chair, you will come across an undoubtedly difficult choice, more than you think. You have to choose carefully so that the chairs are really  practical and comfortable, but also that they adapt well to the decor of the room.

Stackable and space-saving chairs

An increasingly requested feature for the kitchen chair is that it is not bulky in order to be able to easily fit around small tables in minimal kitchens, or to be able to offer the greatest number of seats when used as a complement to extendable tables.


4 useful tips on how to choose the kitchen chair

The height

If you have to choose the  kitchen chair, the total height should preferably not exceed 90 cm, because in the kitchen the movements are faster and more frequent and a high backrest will become an annoying obstacle.

The materials

Particular attention must also be paid to materials that must be practical, hygienic and easy to clean. So make room for plastics, stain-resistant synthetic fabrics, eco-leather and even leather. The wood fiber is also excellent, a natural, hypoallergenic, anti-mite, water-repellent and hygienic material.
Among the objects of furniture, the chairs represent a point on which designers from all over the world unleash their creativity. So space for materials: in addition to steel and wood, we find polycarbonate, polypropylene, leather, leather, fabric and wood fiber.

The seat

Before buying the chairs, you will have to choose or in any case know the table that you are going to match, because it will be necessary to respect the proportions between the height of the seat and the height of the table. To a 74-76 cm high table, we will have to combine chairs with a 45-47 cm high seat with a “top – seat” difference of no more than 30 cm.

The classic tables, once also used as worktops, are very high (80-83 cm) and often the combination with modern chairs, a combination much appreciated and recommended by designers, must in any case be well evaluated, choosing seats no less than 47-48 cm in height.


The chairs will then be able to completely detach from the table, in terms of colors and materials.
For example: to a very linear and single- colored table, you can also add chairs with a particular line and contrasting colors that attract attention and the eye, while if you want to make the table stand out more, it will be preferable to combine chairs that they will limit to their practical function and therefore more linear or even transparent.

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