15-20 Minutes to Clean the Hob and your Barbecue

How to clean the barbecue after use

The brazier and the hob remain hot for many hours, so be careful.

You can extinguish the fire once used with water, or let it turn off naturally. Embers can last for over 24 hours. Do not place the ABS cover or the integral cover over the hob.

Cooktop cleaning

During use it is kept oiled and cleaned of food residues during cooking by scraping the surface with a spatula, pushing the removed residue into the fire.

Once the cooking is finished, spread the surface of the still hot surface well and remove any dirt and deposits.

With a cold plate, scrape again and rub the entire top including the side edge with a steel wool (the same for the COMBI, the SMOKER and accessories).

Oil the entire top and the edge again with olive oil so that the surface does not remain in contact with the air and water.

It is strongly recommended, once cooled and cleaned well, to cover the top with the COVER in ABS or with full coverage of the entire barbecue. If the hob is not adequately protected it tends to rust, forcing the next use to brush it with a drill and a steel brush.

Emptying of the ashes

For each use the residual ash must be removed (wait 1 full day for the embers to become extinct).

It can be removed with a spatula directly from the hole of the hob and if residues remain, opening the base door, the ash will fall down – then place a container underneath to collect it = never open the door by pulling it when it is working, the embers would fall on the wood underneath and could catch fire.

Once cleaned, reposition the door correctly (it also has a safety function to prevent the embers from falling on the underlying wood while burning it).

The brazier is made of corten steel, so over time it will create a natural oxidation of the steel that will protect it, unless it has been ordered with the oxidation and blocking treatment of the same, in such a case much less will be the risk of getting dirty by touching the oxidized surface.

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