10 Solutions to Illuminate and Make Your Environment Look Bigger

Do you have a small room? Would you like to give it more importance?

The famous writer Pirandello immersed himself in examining the interesting difference between being and appearance. “Reality is not what it seems.” Exact. With a few simple tricks, a small room can appear more spacious and brighter. Such as?!
Playing with color. The different intensities of color give personality to the environment, and define the boundaries. If the colors are clear, they illuminate and create continuity.


A piece of furniture could make the difference?

Of couse! The mirror. Round, rectangular, with or without a frame, it is an excellent solution for duplicating space. The mirror is certainly a complement that must not be missing. Here is a selection of mirrors capable of illuminating, furnishing and giving an artistic touch to your living room. A well-kept, elegant and special space.



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