The Italian Design Furnishes the 4 Stars San Servolo Bed & Breakfast

San Servolo is a bed & breakfast situated in Buie, a quite zone surrounded by the nature in Croatia. Just a few steps from the bed & breakfast San Servolo has a beer garden and steakhouse with af rustic and pleasant atmosphere. A magic place to spend your holidays or to take a break from the difficulties of the daily life.

The owner turned to Viadurinimilano for the furniture of this amazing hotel. It choose the italian design to give a touch of elegance and charm to the rooms of his bed and breakfast.

In particular, for the lighting of all the rooms, the customer has chosen bedside silky lamps, suspended silky lamps and floor silky lamps, all belonging to the Viadurinimilano Lighting. The client has also asked for the customization of the fabric and the colours even for the lamp support, so that they could match the colour of the curtains and the heads of the beds. In collaboration with our staff the result has been amazing.

To know more look at the newspaper article about this contract adventure of ours : “Click here to read more!”

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