The Elegance of the Toscot Lamps Surprises Brussels

We are proud to present the restyling of the Brussels Grill, a leading restaurant in the center of Brussels curated by our contract section. The contract team decorator recommended the magnificent Toscot terracotta lamps to the restaurant owner.

The model chosen to furnish this splendid venue is Toscot Novecento, a suspension lamp with a rosette.

And Toscot is a guarantee.

Unique products thanks to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Illuminating a public space with Toscot design lamps means only one thing: success!
The peculiarity of terracotta lamps is that each piece is unique and adds that touch of glamor to any environment. Perfect combination of utility and aesthetics, ceramic lamps illuminate contexts with style and are splendid allies to create an always welcoming atmosphere.

The ancient material of ceramics is combined with a modern and essential design, colored, in white, black or left natural. This material is perfect for decorating a living room with style but also other rooms in the house; bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom. Not to mention how it can embellish a public space by giving that play of light and contrasts that will fascinate any customer.

The lamps of the 2017 collection of Toscot present furnishing solutions for vintage, retro and shabby chic but also modern and industrial styles. There are more than 190 Toscot lamps in our e-commerce with many possibilities of finishes and colors. In fact, there are many proposals for ceiling lamps, wall, table, floor and recessed lamps. Discover the entire collection of design lamps for the office in the section of our shop.

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