Would you Like to Heat your Home? Scirocco H is the Solution

The Radiator leave room for new  protagonists that as well as heat up the environment, they decorate every space with taste.

What we are talking about? Design radiators and towel warmers.


No place is as beautiful as my home.
(Noel Langley, The wizard of Oz)

The home is the heart of our daily life and it must be welcoming. A cold house can not be. That’s why we need to make the right choice also for the designer radiators.
It is Scirocco H the first company that has manufactured and commercialized the towel warmers in Italy.

The company born as a family business, thanks to its professionalism and high quality products has become the leader in the radiator and design towel warmer sector. But what attracts so much of these radiators?
Functionality, convenience and exclusivity. The design is fascinating and perfect for anyone who wants refined and elegant environments.

We at the Viadurini team are proud to sell Scirocco H radiators not only in Italy but above all in the world. Made in Italy deserves all the attention of foreigners and Scirocco H is the spokesperson in the best way.

The best-selling model of the radiators and towel rails of 2017? Let’s see some.

It is the Design Collection line that makes so much talk about it.
Snake, Brick and Winter are minimal and modern design towel warmers. White, black or colored are ideal for furnishing the bathroom but also for living. These towel warmers will be able to catalyze anyone’s attention.
The Graffe line is special, authentic and original to warm every room glamorously.
However, the thermo-decoration that has bewatched men and women is Tiffany. A retro-taste iron radiator, a evergreen design that strikes immediately for its sophisticated style and its sinuous lines.

So what are you waiting for?
Buy one of these beautiful design radiators from our online shop, renovating your home look! There are many proposals for a designer radiators.

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