Viadurinimilano Design Radiators: the New Collection of Glass Radiators

Radiators and decorative radiators a new way to heat the home with design

Have you ever think about radiators as pieces of furniture? Well, radiators of the new brand Viadurinimilano Radiators collection are highly functioning and extremely modern too, with an unforgettable design!

Goodbye old and classic white radiators, this new radiators collection offers something unique for your bathroom but also for your living room. Now the house is heated with style, thanks to designed and colorful radiators with an original form which integrate flawlessly in the furnishing of any environment.
Viadurinimilano Radiators presents a wide range of glass radiators. Their names are Jhonny, Brian and Berry, the radiators available in double version: electric and hydraulic made of glass.


As far as hydraulic radiator version concerns it is functioning because its water consumption is considerably lower compared to traditional system. Furthermore It has a system perfectly adaptable to heat pump heating system or to renewable energy sources. Its peculiarity? A sheet made in tempered glass at 600° that makes it resistant, safe and original.

The most innovative technology is used to create an electric radiator. This specific technology enables the product to understand which is the right way to heat the environment, avoiding energy waste and keeping the surface temperature of the product to a minimum. Its structure consists of two sheet in tempered glass, where the electrical resistance is placed.
For both versions you can require a mirror finish. A beautiful silvering will make it a designed mirror.
Further information? The touch screen control system for the electric version! It’s a infrared control with a children lock function which allows to better optimize performances in combination with a remote control.

To know all its technical features visit directly our website: Click here to see Viadurinimilano radiators.

This exclusive radiators collection is also characterized by the special care with which each single product is realized, all completely Made in Italy. For anyone who wants to give to his own environment a glamour and ultra personal touch. It’s possible to customize glass radiators with any desired picture! “Serigraphy” is the special technique used to put your picture inside two transparent crystal sheet.
The result? Let your imagination run!

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