Viadurinimilano Design Glass Radiators

The Design Project

The glass radiators of the Viadurinimilano collection, available in electric and hydraulic versions, are distinguished by their clean, minimalist design, strong visual impact, very high resistance to corrosive agents with the color finishes set with a 650-degree firing process to guarantee their resistance and chromatic invariability with the passage of time.
Suitable for any style, they stand out in both classic and modern environments becoming a real piece of furniture. Compared to traditional heating bodies, they have a limited overall size, reaching a maximum of 6 cm from the wall.
Available in black, white, blue, red and in the highly requested mirror version. Composed entirely of glass and aluminum, they have a very high resistance to corrosive agents. All the chromatic finishes are fixed with a baking process of 650 degrees, guaranteeing their resistance and chromatic invariability with the passage of time

Maximum flexibility!

Interior designers / architects indulge yourself! All models can be mounted both horizontally and vertically for maximum adaptability to the needs of each individual environment.

Available in both hydraulic and electric versions, they stand out for their ease of installation and use.

Hydraulic version

The latest research and technical discoveries have allowed the creation of a highly performing hydraulic system, with a much lower water consumption than traditional systems, perfectly adaptable to heat pump systems or renewable energy sources.

Electric version

Equipped with the latest generation touch screen control, it allows, in combination with the remote control, to optimize performance. With the chronothermostat it is possible to program not only the switching on and off but also the temperature that best suits the needs of the end user.
The three preset temperature modes allow you to avoid unnecessary energy waste.


Beautiful also the accessories that allow you to complete the radiators with towel rails and hangers that make them useful and perfect in rooms by the bathroom or kitchen.

Click here to find out the designer heating glass selected by Viadurinimilano.

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