Practical and Decor Kitchen Knives with Berti Coltelleria

The history of Coltellerie Berti starts in 1895 with a family management and an artisanal production of high quality knives. Over time, Berti knives have never ceased to give satisfaction. If before, in fact, they were sold exclusively in Sicily and Calabria, today their products boast an international trade; there are at least 40 countries in the world that appreciate Berti knives.

A production that aims to “Recover the purest Tradition and design new products“. This is why there is great attention to detail both in the creation and design of new models and in their processing. The pieces produced each year are about 20,000, of which about 50% is destined for abroad.


So let’s find out together with Andrea Berti, owner of the company, some curiosities about their products and how to recognize a good kitchen knife.

What is your flagship product? And the best-selling one?

Our best-selling product is certainly Convivio Nuovo, a table knife born in 1997, the result of a retro-innovation operation of an old knife (1930s-1900s) typical of Scarperia. It is characterized by a strong innovation in the use of materials and an innovative design that makes it pleasant to use.

How to recognize an excellent kitchen knife?

A knife cannot be evaluated by “eye”: the quality can be seen in the 30 years following purchase. However, a good method of evaluation is to observe the details, the finishes, the pleasantness of the weight distribution, the ergonomics of the handle and the aesthetic aspect: if the manufacturer has taken care of these details, he has hardly neglected the quality of the blade. More technical evaluations are possible (forged or not blade, type of sharpening, etc.), but require skills that the specialists in the sector normally have.

Which set of knives would you recommend to always have in the kitchen?

For “Italian” cooking you can have from a minimum of three knives up to 20 different knives.

The first three to buy (essential) are:

  1. The carver (preferably 22-25 cm.)
  2. The straight paring knife (11 cm.)
  3. The bread knife (the only one that will have a saw)

After these fundamental knives we can indulge ourselves in buying knives for specific cuts (ham, vegetables, boning, etc.) which have the task of making cutting actions easier, especially for those who are not a professional in the kitchen.
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