Light and Design for Trendy Lighting with Gibas in exclusively for Viadurinimilano

Lighting made in Italy for the home with GIbas design

Choosing the lighting of your home or office is a choice you should not underestimate.

The right lighting is able to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere but also to highlight a particular niche or to illuminate darker environments. Choosing the right lighting should be coordinated with the style of an environment or the entire home.

In order to light up every corner of the house in the right way, it’s important that each room has a kind of light suitable for the use for which the room is used and based on how you live that space.

Viadurinimilano has chosen Gibas to produce an exclusive line dedicated to Made in Italy that enhances the creativity and values of the Marche company.

Gibas is a company that has been producing lighting for over fifty years with modern and contemporary design, completely Made in Italy. And the task of our e-commerce is to sell its products all over the world. The company stands out for the trendy design of its products but also for the high quality of its products. It combines design and tradition to create high-impact visual design lamps, perfect for modern environments, but also vintage and retro style environments.

Elegance and charm define the character of its products. Many of the chandeliers, lamps and appliques are of refined and original design.
The design lamps Gibas created exclusively for Viadurini are perfect for private spaces but also for public spaces. Go to our e-comerce to find out all design lamps for unique and original environments.

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