Italian Luxury Furniture it’s Called Grilli!

Luxury is a habit that you can easily catch.
Bertrand Vac

Love for luxury and beauty unites all people in all the world. Here in Italy in particular there are artisans who have bet their future on design in the field of furniture and on the high quality of products offered.

No exception are the Grilli’s brother, founders of the brand that we want to present you today in our blog. Gone as a small Tuscan handcraft shop, today is an important company that realizes furniture for the home inspired by the lines of the past to create real works of art that will become protagonists of your home environments without ever losing their functionality.

The pillars on which this company is based are quality, refinement and uniqueness and it’s just the harmonious connection between them that allows to develop the Italian excellence. Their products are completely made in Italy, cared for detail and in the choice of raw materials, giving the guarantee to buy a durable product in time as well as a furniture of exclusive and precious design.

On our website you can find presented the collections York and Zafara that Grilli chose to give us regarding the online sale. Curved lines for surfaces made with nut wood alternate with other leather clad parts to create tactile and chromatic contrasts that give a romantic style to Coffee Tables, functional cupboards with practical compartments and dining tables from the York collection.

Elegant and refined Style with geometric lines reminiscent of the Giraffe’s cloak by exalting the colours of the materials used in the Zafara collection. Armchairs and chairs inspired by a classic style, but with a touch of modernity in the lines.

Let yourself be conquered by Italian luxury signed Grilli in these collections rich in harmony and elegance!

“Click here to read more about the Grill collection”

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