Faithful Reproductions of Famous Artists Directly at Your Home

The most famous works of art of the best Italian and foreign artists of the past will decorate your house thanks to Viadurinimilano! We are worldwide the exclusive online retailer of the magnificent frescoes that from Città de Castello, where the Bottega Tifernate born, we are committed to diffusing in Italy and abroad.


The mission of this craft shop is the recovery of the historical memory. The goal is to create frescoes that, in addition to having the same aesthetic quality and resistance of the original, can convey the emotion that the spectator feels in front of a painting by Michelangelo, Klimt or Van Gogh.


The Bottega Tifernate patented a technique, called pictography, which allows to reproduce the transformation techniques of the greatest masters of the past by using new technologies.
The frescoes that need a rapid transformation are made with a base in slaked lime and sand, with a thickness of 12 mm to make it immune from damage. The color deposited fresh on a base “fleur de calee”, result of a 3 years ripening process. The colors used are 100% Natural with oil base to be as faithful as possible to the original.

The collaborations with the most famous museums of the world, help Bottega Tifernate to produce so special works of art. It is one of the few to have obtained the Certification Espi, a document that allows the free export of works that recreate exactly an original.


And to satisfy also those who wish to make their home unique, We of Viadurini in collaboration with Bottega Tifernate also give you the possibility to make frescoes and custom paintings perfect for private projects and the contract (restaurants, hotel ecc…)

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