Design Towel Warmer for an Elegant and Refined Bathroom

The radiator and design come together to make your home unique!

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom and make it warmer and more welcoming? The designer radiator is the perfect solution to heat the bathroom and make it a pleasant and elegant environment.

A designer radiator is capable of transforming the environment by giving space to everyone’s creativity. The designer radiator is increasingly sophisticated, refined and above all innovative. The radiator can vary in shape, material, color and style … The solutions proposed by the designers are endless.

The factors to be taken into consideration for the choice of radiator are different; first of all, the choice will be made in line with the style of the house. Classic, modern or vintage will always have its charm. Furthermore, another factor to consider is the size of the room, the color and the spaces available to you to install a designer radiator.


The radiators or towel warmers are furnishing accessories that radiate heat and are used to make the rooms of the house warm and comfortable during the autumn / winter period. What are the most common materials for radiators? Usually the radiator is made of cast iron, a material that is able to spread the heat evenly. Over time, new solutions have been introduced. Let’s see the main characteristics of the materials chosen for the design radiators.

Cast iron:economical and robust, this material is a perfect conductor of heat and was the first used for the construction of the radiator.

Steel: elegant, easy to clean and particularly resistant. With a steel radiator you can heat even the largest rooms because it is perfect for covering large surfaces.

Aluminum: certainly the lightest and most refined option, the real advantage of an aluminum radiator is the speed with which the radiator heats or cools, ideal if you are in a hurry to warm the room as soon as you get home after a long day of work.

In our e-commerce, a company that stands out for innovation, technology and aesthetics is the Xò by Metalform.

Xò by Metalform, a company of international importance, is able to offer targeted and reliable answers for various customers with its factories and with its range of products. Architects and designers put their experience to good use to create towel warmers and heated towel rails with excellent performance, functional and trendy.

The materials are carefully selected, the partners qualified to follow a controlled and certified production cycle. Here is a gallery of the most requested products by our customers all over the world.
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